The Founder and C.E.O

Flora Mwikali Edited

Credentials: -

Bth, MDiv Christian Education, DMin (ON-GOING); besides studies in the areas of Alcoholism and substance abuse and Project Management.

New Scent Centre International is an organization that seeks restoration of dignity to victims of Gender-Based Violence and helps them transit to survivors, with a special focus on those that are sexually abused in every way, and a future plan of working with women alcoholics and substance abusers.

The name “New Scent” was given to me by the Lord one early morning as I was doing my devotions and was asking the Lord what the name of the organization He was asking me to make would be called. I heard the name get dropped in my head and I put it down in a notebook immediately. The Lord said that He wanted me to go and give a new fresh breathe of life to those that had experienced abuse and especially sexual abuse. Years after, as I registered the organization I was sure of the name. So in 2012 February, the New Scent Centre International was registered.

Despite having done a project with women in partnership with another organization, the Lord kept pushing me to start rescuing girls. At first, I thought big girls but the reality on the ground turned out different. After the program with women in 2014, I was in prayer and was asking God what He wanted me to do because He had made it clear that what I had done was not exactly what He was calling me to. My heart was not at peace at all. My birthday is 25th May. In 2015, through my birthday I took some days to pray and fast as I asked the Lord to lead me to what I’d do with the calling He had placed in my heart. On the 3rd day of my prayers the Lord’s voice was clear when He said: “Enough of talking, it is time to act.” I asked Him, “But Lord I have been praying for funds and I have not gotten anything?” He said, “Use what you have.” No, when you have walked with the Lord, you know His voice; you know when He has commanded and when it can be a discussion point. I knew this was not a discussion point. The Master had spoken, and I was ready to obey at all costs. I just didn’t know how tough the costs would be.

When the Lord said I use what I have, all I had was my rent. This is what I used to bring eleven girls to school on the 8th of June, 2015. This marked the beginning of the story of the New scent Centre. In the midst of tough times, being auctioned and homeless for a week after starting the ministry, we have continued to experience God’s love, grace, and power. Each day brings its own good. The challenges fuel our faith and total dependence on God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Elijah, has shown Himself faithful in the midst of so many things.

About New Scent

Family Profile

New Scent Centre which is a rescue centre for girls from the streets and vulnerable homes with a special focus on those that have been sexually abused, sexually trafficked or forced into incestuous relationships. Our vision is to see a healed Society while our mission is to offer institutionalized services to rape and sexually assaulted survivors; community outreaches for prevention, sensitization and awareness creation on sexual violence as a form of Gender Based Violence, alcoholism and substance abuse in pursuit of a healed and restored society. The major objective for the New Scent Centre is to restore dignity, honor, self-worth, livelihood and a measure of normalcy to girls and women who have suffered rape and sexual assault as a form of gender-based violence.

Location of the Project

Although Gender-Based Violence is an issue that cuts across all regions in Kenya and beyond; the New Scent Centre recognizes the need to start small. Therefore, this project is now at Tala, Machakos County of Kenya. This community is situated approximately 65 kilometres from Nairobi to the East.  Tala is a cosmopolitan town; though to some, it is a mere marketplace with main market days on Tuesdays and Fridays. Villages whose dwellers travel to this market for basic purchases surround Tala. It also has residential housing that business owners or outside visitors rent for accommodation.

In response to God’s calling to rescue and aid in the healing of rape victims, and to the need in the society, New Scent Rescue Shelter was started in 2015, 8th of June by Flora Mwikali Kanyole. This day saw eleven (11) girls, with seven (7) of them getting to school for the first time in their lives, while the others had dropped out of school. On 8th of July the girls were fully taken in after discovering that though we had tried to talk to some of their mothers, they were not taken care of and went back to the streets for abuse and fending for self.

The New Scent helps give dignity to these former street girls who had been abused in all ways besides the harshness of street life. They survived mainly by sleeping with men who would buy them little food and have sex with them in return. A group of them slept in the sand for lack of a place to sleep and this served as a room as well where some of the men would lay with the girls. Some of the other girls who were not in the streets were being abused at their homes especially by their fathers or were at risk. Incest is a real problem.

Currently, the New Scent Centre is home to forty-two (42) girls. All the girls are taken to school and all their basic needs provided for in the best way possible within the limited means. These girls hail from the Matungulu and Kangundo sub-counties of the Machakos County. As a matter of fact, the New Scent has cleaned the Tala Market of all street girls. I have six volunteers for now, but there is a need for more, just that the resources do not allow. It is not easy to get volunteers who are not on pay or any appreciation since their lives have to go on as well.

Our immediate needs are: -

  • Food & Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Counseling services
  • Sanitary towels
  • Treatment & Medication
  • Administration costs

The girls are now: -

  1. In primary school pays Ksh 4,200 per trimester to school. This is exclusive of stationery and school uniform
  2. Provided with meals daily which comprise breakfast, break snack, lunch, and supper on a daily basis. For this, each girl needs average monthly support of Ksh 5000.
  3. In high school, the school fees vary from school to school but the average in Ksh is 55,000 per year per child.
  4. Clothed - provided with clothes and shoes
  5. Undergoing frequent counseling sessions (group & Individual).

There are projects we are working on now, like completion of a library and counselling centre among others

Core Objectives

1. To restore dignity, honor, self-worth, livelihood and a measure of normalcy to women who have suffered rape and sexual assault as a form of gender-based violence in Kenya, East, and Central African region.

2. To assist in psycho-social healing and endeavor to restore dignity, honor, self-worth and a measure of normalcy to women infected with HIV/AIDs resulting from rape, sexual assault and abuse of drugs in the Kenya, East and Central African region.

3. To aid in the biopsychosocial-spiritual support aimed at treating and rehabilitating women alcoholics and drug abusers in the Kenya, East and Central African region so as to ensure restoration of their dignity, honor, self-worth and a measure of normalcy.

January Prayer Newsletter


From the New Scent, we are praying and trusting that the new year has brought good tidings to you and yours. Trusting that all is well with you, we thank you for your continued support to us at the New Scent. Kindly, take a few minutes and go through our prayer newsletter prayerfully.

God bless you richly.


Flora Mwikali.