January Prayer Newsletter


From the New Scent, we are praying and trusting that the new year has brought good tidings to you and yours. Trusting that all is well with you, we thank you for your continued support to us at the New Scent. Kindly, take a few minutes and go through our prayer newsletter prayerfully.

God bless you richly.


Flora Mwikali.

About New Scent

New Scent Rescue Shelter is a project of New Scent Centre International. New Scent Centre International is an organization registered with the registrar of societies in Kenya with a desire to help restore the dignity of sexual abuse survivors and other forms of Gender Based Violence, rehabilitate women alcoholics and substance abusers and taking care of their HIV/AIDs statuses as possibly viable. The future plan of the organization is to have an established Rescue Shelter (which has started), and a Rehabilitation Centre for women alcoholics and substance abusers.

New Scent Rescue Shelter was started in 2015, 8th of June. This day saw eleven (11) girls, with seven (7) of them getting to school for the first time in their lives, while the others had dropped out of school. On 8th of July the girls were fully taken in after discovering that, though we had tried to make some arrangements, they were not taken care of and went back to the streets for abuse and fending for self from the dust bins.  I had watched these girls in the streets for about a year and noticed no one took care of them. They were being sexually used by different men and sort of trafficked.

Currently, New Scent Rescue Shelter is home to forty (40) girls.  They have been rescued from the streets mainly, and from abusive backgrounds where they were abused sexually, involved in prostitution, and some trafficked by their mothers. Most were homeless and spent their nights in the cold under the cover of soil in the market places. They were not going to school, and some had never been taken to school their entire lives. They are aged four to sixteen (4-16). They are taken care of by volunteers who have not been remunerated yet because of lack of funds.

The girls are now: -

  1. In primary school pays Ksh 4,200 per trimester to school. This is exclusive of stationery and school uniform
  2. Provided with meals daily which comprise of breakfast, break snack, lunch, and supper on a daily basis. For this, each girl needs an average monthly support of Ksh 5000.
  3. In high school, the school fees varies from school to school but the average in Ksh is 55,000 per year per child.
  4. Clothed - provided with clothes and shoes
  5. Undergoing frequent counseling sessions (group & Individual).

Core Objectives

1. To restore dignity, honor, self-worth, livelihood and a measure of normalcy to women who have suffered rape and sexual assault as a form of gender-based violence in Kenya, East, and Central African region.

2. To assist in psycho-social healing and endeavor to restore dignity, honor, self-worth and a measure of normalcy to women infected with HIV/AIDs resulting from rape, sexual assault and abuse of drugs in the Kenya, East and Central African region.

3. To aid in the biopsychosocial-spiritual support aimed at treating and rehabilitating women alcoholics and drug abusers in the Kenya, East and Central African region so as to ensure restoration of their dignity, honor, self-worth and a measure of normalcy.

The Founder and C.E.O

Flora Mwikali Edited