Ongoing Projects

Hostel Costruction

New Scent Hostel

This is a two-storey structure that will host approximately 80 kids per floor, have a kitchen and dining functions and a temporary office and living house for the director on the ground floor. Plasterwork is currently ongoing. The next phase is Terrazzo for flooring. We are trusting God that we shall complete the remaining phases which are painting, electrical and plumbing fittings, construction of a sewer line and a bio-septic tank and furniture.

We look forward to your support to help us finish the structure so that the girls can have a permanent residence. Thank you for always being there!

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Terrazzo ongoing

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Upcoming Projects

Your kind support will be greatly appreciated!

Institutional Development

New Scent has a hope of constructing an institution with the following facilities:

  • Administration block, classrooms, clinic, workshop, chapel, library and a computer lab. 

These facilities are meant to enhance the spiritual, academic, health, and physical well-being. We invite you to make this dream a reality. 

Plans Approaved

Completed Projects


Borehole Drilling

We have constructed a 100-feet borehole through your support. It will serve the following essenstial functions:

  • Provide water for construction,
  • Source of clean water for human consumption (drinking, cooking, washing etc),
  • Irrigation purposes when there is no rain. 

ICT Classes

New Scent is priviledged to have one computer meant to farmiliarize the girls with the computing world. We would appreciate your support in purchasing more computers to help in training them concerning this skill since it is of great importance in this era.