Completed Projects

The Dillow's House

This is a two-storey structure that hosts approximately 80 kids per floor. Currently, the kids have occupied the entire first floor with the ground floor serving a dining hall, a kitchen, and visitors lounge. Thank you for your support to help us finish the structure. The girls now have a permanent residence. Thank you for always being there!

Completion percentage 100%

Staff House and Library

The staff house accommodates the crucial staff of New Scent. It also has a room designated as an office. It will also function as a library and a computer training center – for providing with knowledge  necessary for their survival once they leave the center. You can be part of this project by supporting with textbooks and donating computers.

Completion percentage 100%


We have constructed a 100-meter borehole through your support. We appreciate every support and Davis and Shirtliff are rendering their services to ensure that it functions properly as intended. It will serve the following essential functions:

  • Provide water for construction,
  • Source of clean water for human consumption (drinking, cooking, washing etc),
  • Irrigation purposes when there is no rain. 
  • Source of water for purification and bottling.
Completion status 100%