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Empowering girls, transforming futures: discover the heart behind New Scent Centre Foundation's mission to uplift and inspire.

Brief Introduction

The New Scent Centre is a rescue Centre for girls from the streets and vulnerable homes, with a special focus on those who have been sexually abused, sexually trafficked, or forced into incestuous relationships. Our vision is to contribute to a healed society, while our mission is to provide institutionalized services to survivors of rape and sexual assault, as well as community outreach for prevention, sensitization, and awareness creation regarding sexual violence as a form of Gender-Based Violence, alcoholism, and substance abuse, all in pursuit of a healed and restored society. The primary objective of the New Scent Centre is to restore dignity, honor, self-worth, livelihood, and a sense of normalcy to girls and women who have experienced rape and sexual assault as forms of Gender-Based Violence.

Our Location

While Gender-Based Violence remains a pervasive issue across Kenya and beyond, New Scent Centre recognizes the importance of beginning at the grassroots level. Our project is currently situated in Isinga village, Kangundo sub-county, within the expansive Machakos County of Kenya. Located approximately 70 kilometers east of Nairobi, this community is nestled in the cosmopolitan towns of Tala and Kangundo. While these towns may be seen by some as mere marketplaces, they play a vital role in the region, with main market days scattered throughout the week.

Our History

In response to a divine calling to rescue and aid in the healing of rape victims, Flora Mwikali founded New Scent Rescue Shelter on June 8, 2015. This significant day marked the beginning of a journey that saw eleven girls, seven of whom attended school for the first time, while the others had dropped out. By July 8th, all the girls were fully embraced into the shelter after it became apparent that despite efforts to engage some of their mothers, the girls were not being properly cared for and returned to the streets for abuse and self-sufficiency.

New Scent Shelter is dedicated to restoring dignity to former street girls who have endured unimaginable hardships. Many of these girls survived by engaging in transactional sex with men who offered them meager food in exchange. Some slept in sand heaps or trash bins, where they were exploited by men. Others faced abuse at home, particularly from family members, highlighting the pervasive issue of incest.

Today, New Scent Centre is a safe haven for forty-nine children, with all but two being girls. Eleven are orphaned, and five were born to mentally ill mothers, who are now unable to care for them. Despite limited resources, the Centre ensures that all girls receive education and their basic needs are met. These girls come from Matungulu and Kangundo sub-counties in Machakos County, Kenya, and are aged three to twenty years old.

The Centre’s recent expansion reflects God’s provision, providing a decent home for these girls. New Scent Centre’s impact extends beyond its walls, as it has successfully cleared Tala Market of street girls, with exceptions for those who have recently found themselves on the streets.

The New Scent Centre story is one of resilience, transformation, and hope. Through our efforts, we strive to break the cycle of abuse and provide these girls with the opportunity for a brighter future.



Flora Mwikali Kanyole


Bth, MDiv Christian Education, DMin (ON-GOING); besides studies in the Areas of Alcoholism and substance Abuse and Project Management.

My Testimony

New Scent Centre International is dedicated to restoring dignity to victims of Gender-Based Violence, transitioning them to survivors. We focus on those who have suffered various forms of sexual abuse, with future plans to assist women struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse.

The name “New Scent” was revealed to me during my devotions, as I sought guidance for the organization’s name. The Lord impressed upon me the mission to breathe new life into those who have experienced abuse, especially sexual abuse. This led to the registration of New Scent Centre International in February 2012.

Despite previously working on a project with women, I felt compelled by the Lord to focus on rescuing girls. Through prayer and fasting, I sought clarity on my purpose. On the third day of fasting, the Lord spoke clearly, prompting me to act. Despite financial challenges, I used what I had to enroll eleven girls in school on June 8, 2015, marking the beginning of New Scent Centre’s journey.

Despite facing challenges, including being homeless for a week, we have experienced God’s love, grace, and power. Each day strengthens our faith and reinforces our total dependence on God. We remain committed to our mission, knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Elijah is faithful in all circumstances.