We are excited to announce that construction is underway for the New Scent Educational Centre, a project that will transform the lives of the girls in our care. This centre will provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning, empowering these girls to build a brighter future for themselves.


About the Project

The New Scent Educational Centre will offer a range of educational programs, including formal schooling, tutoring services, and life skills training. It will serve as a hub for learning, providing girls with access to quality education and empowering them to succeed academically and beyond.


Call for Partners

We invite partners who share our vision to join us in this transformative project. Your support is crucial in completing the construction of the centre and ensuring its success. Partners can sign up on our donors’ page to contribute to this meaningful cause and make a lasting impact on the lives of these girls.


Together, we can build a future where every girl has access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive. Join us in making a difference and supporting the New Scent Educational Centre. Together, we can empower these girls to reach their full potential and build a better tomorrow.