We are thrilled to share that New Scent Centre Foundation was recently featured on Jacque Maribe’s show – In Real Time. Our founder had the opportunity to discuss the details and mission of our foundation, shedding light on the impactful work we do to empower and uplift girls in need.

 In the interview, our founder passionately described the vision behind New Scent Centre Foundation, highlighting our commitment to rescuing and restoring dignity to victims of Gender-Based Violence. She shared inspiring stories of transformation and the positive impact our programs have had on the lives of the girls in our care.

 You can watch the full interview on Jacque Maribe’s YouTube channel here. We invite you to learn more about our foundation and the incredible work we do to make a difference in the lives of these young girls.

If you’re inspired by our mission and would like to support our cause, we encourage you to visit our website and explore the various ways you can get involved. Your support can help us continue to provide education, counseling, and care to those in need.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story on Jacque Maribe’s show and to raise awareness about the important work of New Scent Centre Foundation. Together, we can continue to empower and transform the lives of girls in need, one step at a time.