Spiritual Empowerment

Our Spiritual Empowerment Program is at the heart of our mission. We believe that spiritual growth and understanding are essential components of healing and personal development. Through this program, we aim to nurture the spiritual lives of the girls in our care, helping them find strength, purpose, and hope in their faith.

Our Key Program Aspects

    Bibilical Teachings

    We offer regular teachings from the Bible, guiding girls in understanding God's Word and its relevance to their lives.

      Prayer Sessions

      Prayer is central to our program. We encourage girls to develop a personal, group and intercessory prayer life and seek God's guidance, healing and restoration.


        Fasting is a spiritual discipline that we practice, seeking God's direction and breakthrough in challenging times.

          Fellowship Services

          We gather for worship and fellowship, providing a space for girls to connect with God and one another in a meaningful way.

          Our Spiritual Empowerment Program is designed to help girls grow spiritually, deepen their faith, and find strength and healing in their relationship with God. Through this program, we hope to inspire and equip girls to live out their faith boldly and confidently, knowing that they are loved and valued by their Creator.