Hillside Dew: Purified Drinking Water

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Practicing sustainability empowers the center to explore the available local resources and develop mechanisms of generating income for running some of  the overheads. Following this, the Center began purifying and bottling its borehole water under the brand name Hillside Dew. The water is packaged in various capacities to suit the market and it can also be branded to suit a particular function. Our target market includes supermarkets, churches, local events, weddings, political rallies among others. 


Our water is approved for consumption by KEBS and is fully purified.

Packaging done according to the needs of the market in 300ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L and 10L respectively. 

Buy for a course and support a child in a Rescue Center!

For more information:

Contact: Sales Department

Cell: 0710 416 269/0704 606 551